Best Pool Cleaners

best pool cleanersIf you’re looking for the best pool cleaners, look no further than Maddy’s Pool Supply & Service. At Maddy’s, our team of technicians is both professional and experienced. And when it comes to your pool care, you wouldn’t want anything less.  

Contrary to what some may think, not all pool cleaning services are the same. As with anything you invest money in, it’s good to do your research when choosing a pool service. One approach is to ask your friends, family and neighbors who they use to clean their pool. Another strategy is to look at websites and online reviews. Of course, we also recommend that you give us at Maddy’s a call so we can tell you more about our experience and how we can service your pool.  We are always happy to meet with pool owners to assess their pool needs and determine a service schedule that works best for them.

It’s probably fair to say that all pool cleaners will skim your pool. While this removes the visible signs of dirt and debris from your pool, the best pool cleaners don’t stop there. At Maddy’s, our technicians will test your pool’s water chemicals each visit, making sure all is balanced. If the water isn’t balanced, we’ll make sure we add enough of what is needed to bring it back in balance. And that’s just the start.

We’ll make sure your filters are cleaned and the water pump is functioning as it should be. Without proper cleaning, a filter and pump can experience issues and potentially even failure. We also visually inspect your pool’s equipment to look for signs of aging or disrepair. Many larger issues can be caught early with regular inspection.  

By doing just a little research and asking a few questions, you can find the best pool cleaners. If you’re interested in learning more about regular pool service, give us a call. Sure, we may be a bit biased, but we believe we’re the best pool cleaners in the East Valley. Our attention to detail and commitment to our customers is our calling card. Contact us today and let us put our love of pools to work for you.

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