Cool Pools | Create Your Own Celebrity Pool

cool poolsThere are plenty of examples online of cool pools to provide inspiration if you’re in the market for a pool or considering an upgrade. Much more than just fun pictures to look at and dream about, examples of pool cools can be a catalyst for your own cool pool. And our experienced team can help.

From Pinterest to HGTV to a variety of celebrity magazines, your resources for finding the ultimate pool are endless. In fact, the more cool pools you can look at the better. You’re bound to find bits and pieces of pools that appeal to you. Maybe even the entire pool.

We’ve provided a few samples below of celebrity’s and their pool, and what you might want to tweak to fit your own budget.

  • Scarlett Johansson’s pool and its surrounding landscape use light to create a romantic and relaxing setting. Additional wood planks to the pool deck provides a rustic and warm appeal.
  • Celine Dion has one of the grandest pools around. Custom-built, the pool is oceanfront and features two pools connected by a water park.
  • Mark Wahlberg planted his Boston roots in the Hollywood Hills, and enjoys a pool with a waterfall, guest cabanas and gorgeous views.
  • Combined, the Kardashian family has enough pool water to fill a small lake. Their multiple California homes feature some of the most stunning pools and patio seating around.

While not everyone has a celebrity budget, everyone can enjoy a pool that is unique to them. If you’re ready to upgrade your pool with some unique features that rival any celebrity’s cool pools, contact us. Small changes like lighting, landscaping, and artistic tiles can help you feel like a celebrity in your own yard. And our talented team of professionals can help. We can also keep your pool clean and sparkling with regular maintenance and any necessary repairs.

At Maddy’s Pool Supply and Service, we believe all of our clients are rock stars and deserve to live like one!

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