Pool Lights | Set the Mood

pool lights If your backyard and pool could use a little makeover, consider adding some interest with unique pool lights. The addition of spectacular pool lights can add the right amount of ambiance to your backyard.

Of course, regular pool lights are an obvious necessity. They light the bottom of the pool so you can safely enjoy a nighttime swim. But other lighting options can add the right touch of excitement and energy to your backyard. At Maddy’s Pool Supply and Service, we believe that colorful and playful pool lights are the perfect way to take things up a notch…especially if you love to spend time outside at night. Perfect for those who love to host evening pool parties or other social gatherings, pool lights with multiple mood-setting options create a festive backdrop for any occasion.

 Whether you’re going for soothing and serene, an adult get-together with a tropical theme or a children’s party with Star Wars all around, pool lights create a mood and bring some glitz and entertainment. And there are options to control your lighting remotely that make your lighting selection as easy as can be. If you haven’t seen pool lights designed in a decorative way, we can show you some examples of work we’ve done. In the meantime, you can also look at many online resources such as those on Pinterest and HGTV.

You might also consider adding some fun fountains or rock features to give your pool area an even more dramatic look. There are so many ways to make your backyard the perfect outdoor oasis that will enhance your personal enjoyment and your home’s value.

Our experienced team of pool professionals at Maddy’s can bring your pool to life by adding the right amount and type of lighting. Just in time for spring and summer patio time. Contact us today to discuss the many options available.

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