Pool Renovation | Adding Pizzazz

pool renovationPool renovation can not only add value to our home, it can add some charm and personality to your pool and backyard. Unless you have a newly built pool, yours has no doubt had years, if not decades, of exposure to weather and chemicals. If this is the case, it might be time for a pool facelift.  

When planning your pool renovation, you don’t need large-scale changes to make a big impact. No matter your budget, there are plenty of options that will add some pizzazz.  

Throughout Arizona, we often see older pools from the 60s and 70s that have a small area created as a Jacuzzi spa. Typically, it is a divided off section of the pool with a built-in bench. If you have one of these pools and the edging that separates the main pool from the Jacuzzi has become more of a landing spot for birds versus a gathering spot for your friends, you might want to consider renovation. In a case like this, there are several options. For example, you can remove the wall separating the pool from the spa, creating more actual pool space. Depending upon the pools design, you could also remove the wall and build the space up to create a splash pool for children or a shallow lounge area for sunning in patio chairs.  

Another creative idea is adding a sophisticated touch with a water fall. Using rocks, boulders and strategically placed lighting, you can add the perfect touch for your backyard entertaining. Our team at Maddy’s can help give your pool an upgrade and add pizzazz to the aesthetic beauty of your backyard.

When it comes to pool surfaces, many homeowners choose to renovate by totally redoing it. Bringing an older, smooth-style pool surface to life by adding a textured surface can dramatically change the look of your pool.

Our team has endless ideas and samples of work we’ve done. And most importantly, we have the experience and creativity you need when planning your pool renovation. Contact us today and we’ll help you give your pool a fresh new look. 

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