Spa & Pool Leak Detection

Do you have a Leak Problem?

If you notice your pool or spa leaking water, or if you notice that your water level is lower than usual, or if you want to prevent from future leaking problems, give Maddy’s Pools a call and we will make a trip to your house, inspect your pool, perform a leak-detection test, give you the results, and do any necessary repairs to your pool.

How can you tell if your pool is leaking?

  • The safest way is to perform a Leak Detection Test but:
  • If you notice larger than normal decrease in the water level of your pool
  • If you are experiencing increased water bills
  • If your deck is cracked
  • If there is water outside of your pool OR
  • If there is water in the surrounding areas where the pipes might be located

Leak Detection Services Offered

  • Underwater Repairs
  • Skimmer Replacement
  • Main Drain Repair
  • Return Line Repair
  • Grout Joint Repair
  • OR anything else your pool needs due to a Leak Problem

Leak Detection Services
Start at $200.00