Pool Tile Repair | Adding Color & Style

pool tile repairWhen you own a pool, pool tile repair will probably be needed at some point. The harsh Arizona temperatures and general exposure to the elements can take a toll. With regular maintenance from a professional team like ours at Maddy’s, you can keep your tiles, as well as your pool, in optimum condition.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade your pool tiles, there are a variety of surfaces, colors, sizes and shapes to choose from. Your personal style and the theme of your backyard will help determine which you choose. Most pool tiles find their place around the edging of a pool and can provide some unique dimension and color to the bottom of the pool’s surface.

Our team will listen to your goals for your backyard and pool and help you determine which tiles are right for you. For example, if you want your pool water to look exceptionally blue, adding tiles with deeper shades of blue around a white bottomed pool can have you feeling like you’re in the Caribbean. If the warm dark tones of a shaded swimming hole are more your style, darker tiles or tiles with a three-dimensional design can add a touch of sophisticated elegance.

Larger tiles, smaller tiles, textured tiles…all help create a feeling and tone for your pool. And they can have other benefits too. A great example is if you find the right shade of tile, it can actually hide some of the dirt that may collect over time. We have extensive experience in the pool business, and we’re happy to share our insight and tips with you.

If you are looking for pool tile repair or replacement, contact us at Maddy’s Pool Supply and Service. Our professional technicians will inspect your tiles and give you a full report of what repairs may be needed or what kind of upgrades are available. Don’t let pool tiles give away your pool’s age. Call us today.

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