Pool Waterfalls | Adding Pizazz

pool waterfallsFunctioning pool waterfalls and other unique features can add a dynamic design to your backyard, just in time for summer pool-party fun. If your pool has lost its appeal and you want to add some new elements but you’re not sure what to do, contact our experienced team at Maddy’s Pool Supply and Service. We’ll listen to your vision and show you examples of some unique pool remodels we’ve done for our customers. From there, we can help you develop the perfect plan to add pop to your pool area.

At Maddy’s, our pool upgrades can include updating an older pool or increasing its appeal with decorative and functioning pieces. Some of the world’s most spectacular pools have stunning additions like waterfalls, waterpark worthy slides and even mysterious caves. Many celebrity homes have extreme versions of what you can incorporate into your own pool. For example, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg have incorporated both family friendly water slides and natural looking pool waterfalls.

Of course, we understand that most of us aren’t celebrities, and we don’t have the real estate for a backyard water playground. But, our specialty is working with you, your budget and your space to bring your vision of the ideal pool to life.

Once our renovations have been completed, you’ll want to make sure they are properly maintained. At Maddy’s we provide exceptional and reliable maintenance services to keep your pool and your new features in good working order. For example, in addition to cleaning your pool and making sure the water chemicals are balanced, we’ll also inspect all equipment to make sure it’s functioning at its best. Often times, our technicians can catch an issue before it becomes a crisis or equipment replacement is needed. This can help you avoid bigger problems if left unattended.

If you want to jazz up your backyard and your summertime fun, adding elements like pool waterfalls, caves, slides and unique water features are sure to create some interest and start some conversation. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call. We want to get started soon so you can enjoy your pool waterfalls this summer.

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