Swimming Pool Algae | Types to Know

swimming pool algaeSwimming pool algae can grow fast and it can grow furiously. If you’re a home owner with a pool, you know that keeping the water’s chemicals balanced is a key part in preventing the growth of algae. But with ever-changing weather conditions and temperatures, algae growth can be a real threat. One of the ways you can help combat algae is with regular pool service from a professional company like Maddy’s Pool Supply and Service.

When it comes to algae the best defense is knowing exactly what you’re dealing with. There are a variety of types of algae and knowing which one is which will help you better understand the diagnosis. And the quicker you bring your pool service technician in to help, the quicker you’ll get your pool’s water back in balance. For detailed information on the different types of algae and solutions, give our experienced team a call. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some of the types of algae that you may run across in your pool:

  • Green algae is a blue-green algae that is one of the most common found in swimming pools. If you’ve ever had a pool go green, odds are this type of algae is the cause.
  • Depending upon your pool’s design and how shaded it is, black algae may be a problem. While it’s actually bluish-green in color, black algae can form in shady parts of the pool, including cracks and crevices.
  • An algae that isn’t as common is mustard algae. This can look like dirt on the bottom of the pool but can grow around the pool walls.

When dealing with algae, it’s always best to work with a professional team. This will help make sure the algae is taken care of so it doesn’t come right back.If you have an issue with swimming pool algae or if you’re looking to prevent swimming pool algae, let our professional team get to work for you. Contact us today.

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